Manual Slit Lamp Shinn-Nippon XL-1



XL-1 is LED Slit Lamp of the handheld type that adopts high luminance white LED for the first source of light in the world. It is unnecessary of the troublesome lamp exchange and the life of the light became long.

High-Intensity Day Light Color LED Sharp slit light
Adopting the day light color LED to have the light sharp as the previous type and adjust the lighting and alit width freely maintaining the light intensity.

Built-In PD Pupil Distance)Adjustment Gear
PD interlock adjusting gear newly installed for easier image focus.

Light Weight / Compact Size Filter Functions (Illumination System)
Various filters to select from to efficiently operate.<cobalt Blue,Green and Conversion filter for the color temperature>

Battery Power
Operative for 2 hours with maximum luminance. (Battery: Full change)


Microscope Eyepiece X10、X16 (Option)
Total magnifications X10、X16 (Option)
Diopter adjustment ±7D
Visual field ø10mm
PD adjustment range 50-70mm (at eyepiece 10X) 55-70mm (at eyepiece 16X)
Working distance 80mm
Illumination Slit width 0-11mm (Stepless adjustmnet is possible.)
Slit length 11mm
Filters Cobalt blue, Green, Color temperature conversion filter
Illmination angle On the level circumference±30degrees
Light source Light source Day Light Color LED
Battery Voltage Li-ion battery 7.4V 680mAh
Operation time Apporox. 2 hours (in full charged state with maximum illumination)
Charger Imput voltage AC 100-240V 60-50Hz
Output voltage DC 12V 500mAh
Standard accessories Carrying case 1pc, Battery 1pc, Battery Charger 1pc, Forehead support 1pc, Diopter adjustment bar 1pc, Instruction manual 1pc
Optional Accessories 16x Eyepiece (1set), Spare battery 7.4V 680mAh (1pc)
Dimension and weight Dimension 195mm(W)x105mm(D)x230mm(H)
Weight about 700g (including a battery)