Minston KS-W03 (5W) – LED Surgical Headlight with Loupe

  • Ultra-light Weight
    The unique design dispenses weight evenly across the bridge of the frame minimizing pressure on the clinician's nose
  • Uniform Round Spot
    A precise focused light provides enhanced visibility during procedures. Precision light imaging by multi optical lens and Spot size adjustable by inner mini light grating
  • Ultimate Practical Performance
    Power light on and off with ease between procedures and patient consultations built-in Rechargeable Li-ion battery with LED screen display power indication, fast and easy recharging of battery.


The Surgical Micro KS-W03 is the latest generation of portable LED Surgical headlight systems offring high-quality, uniform beams using the patent-pending beam forming optics. The Micro headlight is currently the lightest headlight and was designed as the perfect compliment to the Micro Line Loupes.

The light provides the user with a beam which is very uniform and exhibits no colour change over the range of the depth of field of loupes. It should be noted that both the colour and beam uniformity is much better than other brands of LED dental headlights which use a single lens display chaanges over the depth of field of the loupes.

Engineered with the lates generation of Lithium-Ion Quick-Charge batteries, the battery provides up to 6 hours of regulated power. Built into the battery unit the headlight has stepless light intensity control adjustment. This allows the user to have precise control over the brightness of the headlight allowing for the maximym detail to be viewed.


Specification of headlight

Illumination source: 5W LED
Illumination intensity: 10000 lux – 40000 lux
Color temperature: 5000 – 6000K
Spot size: Max D = 70mm Min D = 15mm at D = 320mm
Lamp working life: 50,000 hours continuous burn
Battery 3.7V Lithium Battery
Battery run time 6 hours
Battery charging time 3.6 hours
Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC


Specifications of loupes

Galilean style
Magnification Power 2.5x, 3.5x
Working distance 400 – 540mm, 280 – 380mm
Field of View 130mm, 60mm
Inter-pupils distance adjustable

Standart Configuration

Headlight main unit 1 pc
Battery 1 pc
Charger 1 pc
EPE Foam package 1 set



  • Spare battery
  • Binocular loupe M250
  • Binocular loupe M350
  • Binocular loupe M450
  • Alluminium case