SOM2000C Operation Microscope

SOM2000C Operation Microscope is mainly used for operations, such as ophthalmic operation and etc. No use contraindication.


SOM2000C Operation Microscope is a single binocular operation microscope with coaxial illumination. Its small and portable machine body makes it highly agile. It is sure to meet the requirements for difficult ophthalmic micro-surgical.

The microscope has zoom magnification offering sharp image and large field of vision. A cold light source is used in the illumination system, which is harmless to the tissue. With quality halogen bulbs, PHILIPS or OSRAM, being used, the illumination is bright and even. An intensifying red-reflex module is added. A spring balance system is designed for the arm so that the microscope can move upwards and downwards stopping at any desired position. The
adjusting functions of the equipment include magnification, horizontally moving, focusing and inclination. While focusing, horizontally moving can also be controlled by foot switch.

The environment requirements for using this equipment is temperature +5℃ to +40℃, relative humidity 30% to 75%, atmospheric pressure 700hPa to 1060hPa.

SOM2000C Instruction Manual