endoTRON 532 Endolaser with maximum flexibility


Combined or as a stand alone solution fast set-up and high level of patient safety

Patient safety without compromise

Optimised thermal management

Reproducible coagulation point, sharply delimited and homogeneous

No temperature-induced corneal side effects

Combined or stand alone

Integrated user interface via megaTRON S4HPS touch screen

Controlled by megaTRON S4HPS foot switch

Interlocking positioning on the megaTRON S4HPS

Touch screen remote control with Bluetooth connectivity

Controlled by independent laser foot switch

ocuLED connection to endo illumination

Your surgery — Your settings

Stores up to six user profiles

Laser settings are immediately available

Intensity: 50 mW to 1,500 mW

Pulse duration: 50 ms to 3,000 ms

Pause duration: 50 ms to 3,000 ms

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