Minston KS-R06 Dual Battery — LED Perfect Portable Headlight

  • Ultra-light Weight
    The unique design dispenses weight evenly across the bridge of the frame minimizing pressure on the clinician's nose
  • Uniform Round Spot
    A precise focused light provides enhanced visibility during procedures. Precision light imaging by multi optical lens and Spot size adjustable by inner mini light grating
  • Ultimate Practical Performance
    Power light on and off with ease between procedures and patient consultations built-in Rechargeable Li-ion battery with LED screen display power indication, fast and easy recharging of battery.


A LED perfect portable headlight wireless high performance.


Specification of headlight

Illumination source: 3W LED
Illumination intensity: 10000 lux — 40000 lux
Color temperature: 5000 — 6000K
Spot size: Max D = 70mm Min D = 15mm at D = 320mm
Lamp working life: 50,000 hours continuous burn
Battery 3.7V Lithium Battery
Battery run time 6 hours
Battery charging time 3.6 hours
Input voltage 100 — 240 VAC


Specifications of loupes

Galilean style
Magnification Power 2.5x, 3.5x
Working distance 400 — 540mm, 280 — 380mm
Field of View 130mm, 60mm
Inter-pupils distance adjustable

Standart Configuration

Headlight main unit 1 pc
Battery 1 pc
Charger 1 pc
EPE Foam package 1 set



  • Spare battery
  • Binocular loupe M250
  • Binocular loupe M350
  • Binocular loupe M450
  • Alluminium case