vivos System for Phacoemulsification Setting standards in cataract surgery


The key features of Vivos, designed to enhance performance and precision in anterior segment surgery, represent a logical evolution from our trusted megaTRON systems.

Remarkable IOP control, a maximized vacuum range, and fast vacuum rise time are elevating phacoemulsification efficiency to the next level.

Remarkable IOP Control

Experience impressive stability in the anterior chamber through an actively pumped infusion mode. The unique fluidic management of Vivos ensures a perfect balance between irrigation and aspiration, allowing for precise control of the corresponding intraocular pressure.

When compared to state-of-the-art machines, Vivos demonstrates a remarkable 25 % reduction in anterior chamber depth change, ensuring consistent IOP control across all vacuum settings.

Maximum Vacuum

The adjustable vacuum range of Vivos extends to a maximum value of 700 mmHg, nearly approaching the upper limit defined by the laws of physics (~760 mmHg).

When combined with active infusion, which maintains constant control over irrigation and aspiration, high vacuum settings can be confidently employed, providing a secure surgical experience.


Fast Vacuum Rise Time

Vivos features a highly responsive pump system. It achieves desired vacuum levels 40 % faster than state-of- the-art systems by elevating the maximum flow rate to 100 ml/min.

A fast rise time allows for quicker procedures and reduces overall treatment time, maximizing patient comfort and satisfaction.

Intuitive User Interface

The Vivos user interface is designed for seamless and precise control of all system functions and settings. Its touchscreen interface is user-friendly, providing quick access to essential features to streamline your workflow.

The highly acclaimed logical user guidance of our megaTRON devices was also applied to Vivos to ensure that it complements your style on our system.

Consistent Performance

The built-in autotune technology of Vivos ensures consistent performance throughout the system’s lifetime.

This feature maintains the maximum stroke length of phaco tips and preserves the effectiveness for a prolonged use of handpieces.


With the Vivos system for phacoemulsification, you will not only gain access to the latest technology but also exceptional performance, precision and safety. Experience the difference that Vivos can make in your practice and be at the forefront of ophthalmic surgery.

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