Volk ClearPod SFNC (Super Field)

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  • Provides an accurate working distance
  • Diverts fog away from your lens surface giving you ample time to conduct detailed exams without having to interrupt care.
  • Designed with doctors for doctors to provide the best patient experience
  • Lift the Fog — The unique shield has carefully designed wing and flange features to efficiently direct warm currents of air away from your optical path.
  • Just Clip and Go — Optimized shape and fit allow you to securely clip your lens while enabling you to maintain your natural grip.
  • The Perfect Fit, Everytime — The ledge on the inside of your ClearPod is designed to act as a back-stop to guide your lens into the right position.
  • Elegant and Ergonomic — The flange is designed to balance optimal fog diversion while accommodating the right working distance.

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