Volk Pictor Plus

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The Volk Pictor Plus Handheld Fundus Camera enables non-mydriatic fundus examination with a 40 degree field of view.



The Pictor Plus™ portable ophthalmic camera can take your
practice places. From the exam room to on-location screenings,
nursing home calls and everywhere in between.

Two easily interchangeable modules provide high resolution retinal (non-mydriatic) or external eye imaging.


Pictor Plus retinal imaging enables non-mydriatic fundus examination with a 40º field of view. With digital still and video images, the appearance of optic disc, macula and retinal vasculature can be screened and documented for ocular lesions and anomalies.

  • 9 fixation targets to target a variety of retinal images
  • Reflection-free imaging with ten illumination levels
  • Not necessary to dilate pupils (minimum pupil size 3mm)
  • Produces color and red-free images for contrast
  • Automatic and manual focusing
  • Diopter compensation -20D to + 20D
  • Slit lamp mount adapts Pictor to any slit lamp


Pictor Plus anterior imaging provides high-resolution images of the surface of the eye and areas directly surrounding the eye. The cobalt blue LED light allows fluorescent imaging to detect a dry eye or any trauma on the ocular surface.

    • White and blue LED light for image targeting and capture
    • Autofocus and optional manual adjustment
    • 6x digital zoom
    • Image resolution 2560 x 1920 pixels

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