xenoTRON III Light Source The next step in Endo Illumination — for brighter and safer Pars Plana Vitrectomy


Unique safety system for improving clinical routine

  • Simple one-touch fibre optic selection
  • Continuous indication of the specific fibre optic light intensity, light output and safe remaining surgery time
  • A warning is given when reaching the phototoxicity limits in accordance with ISO 15004-2
  • Dynamic adaptation of phototoxicity limits in intra-operative change of settings

Uncompromissing light intensity
Maximum Light output for excellent and accurate fundus illumination

  • High-power xenon system with up to 80 lumen
  • Preconfigured settings for 20 to 25 gauge vitrectomy
  • Abundant reserves for the PPV of the future with 27 gauge and beyond
  • Optimum colour temperature and light homogeneity

Intuitive color touch screen
Clear presentation and convenient usability

  • User profile memory for up to six surgeons
  • Quick and easy touch screen operation with only four submenus
  • Easy to read parameter and status information
  • Self-explanatory representation of the fibre optics and the PHOTOTOXGUARD

Flexible and compact Design
Minimum space and can be freely combined

  • Mobile stand-alone solution that can be combined with any vitrectomy device
  • With an optional tray it is the perfect complement to the megaTRON S4HPS
  • Wide range of fibre optics
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