66 Vision Synoptophore YZ23B



Products Features

◆ Optical viewing system: The optical viewing system of the YZ23B synoptic machine uses a semi-translucent, semi-retro-reflective reflector for the practitioner to easily observe the patient’s eye movements and corneal reflection points.

◆ Red light scintillation: The YZ23B synoptic machine is not only equipped with a Hedinger brush device, but is also designed with a red light (λ=640nm) scintillation system for use in the correction of paracentral gaze amblyopia.

◆ Darkroom illumination: the darkroom illumination of the YZ23B synoptic machine uses LED surface-emitting devices.

◆ Instrument lighting device: The YZ23B synoptic machine uses the same set of LED luminaries for picture illumination, posterior image illumination and Hedinger brush illumination, and the luminous brightness of the luminaries will automatically switch when making different illuminations. This luminous device not only has good light colour and uniform illumination, but also has the characteristics of low heat generation and long life.

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