Sodium hyaluronate gel HA (1 ml.)

Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Gel is transparent viscous, cohesive, viscoelastic solution made by dissolving highly pure, high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate in physiological saline. It is sterile, nonpyrogenic, non-irritative and noninflammatory. Sodium Hyaluronate maintains an optimal intraocular space in anterior chamber and protects corneal endothelium from mechanical damage during ophthalmic surgeries.




1.7% bio-fermentation sodium hyaluronate

Viscosity (0.1 s-1): 320000 mPa·s

Molecular Weight: 2.0-2.5 million Daltons

Filling Volume: 0.5ml, 0.7ml, 1.0ml


Cataract extraction and phacoemulsification

Intraocular lens implantation and extraction

Corneal transplantation surgery

Glaucoma filtering surgery

Vitreoretinal surgery

Eye trauma surgery


Store at 2-25°C.

Sterile package for single use. Do not use if package is broken.

Only use it in ophthalmic surgery. Do not use it in intravenous injection.