Exophthalmometer ALMAS YZ9



An exophthalmometer is included in the list of mandatory devices for equipping an ophthalmologist’s office.

The ALMAS YZ9 exophthalmometer is used to simultaneously measure the distance between the superior edges of the cornea and the deepest angle of the lateral edge of both eyes using two trigonometric prisms.

The exophthalmometer is supplied in a durable metal case.



Measuring range of exophthalmos 0-35 mm
Scale division for exophthalmos 1 mm
Pupil distance adjustment range 80-120 mm
Pupil distance adjustment scale division price 1 mm
Number of prisms 2 pcs.
Prism base right triangle
Prism base dimensions 40х40х56,5 mm
Size 240 × 68 × 23,5 mm
Weight 420 g

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