Keeler B-Scan Pro, Veterinarian

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The B-Scan Pro’s and B-Scan Pro Vet’s proprietary software combined with unique probe electronics make it an excellent portable High Definition B-Scan. While developing the B-Scan Pro software, Accutome visited many of the top facilities around the world. The results are a reliable and easy-to-use unit, which can quickly scan patients and transport information.

Accessories Included: Software installation, USB stick, probe holder, footswitch, wireless mouse, and ophthalmic gel.

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  • 0.015mm image resolution is among the highest in the medical industry.
  • Improved probe providing sharper, more focused images due to the elimination of signal loss.
  • The data analysis contains 4 useful measuring calipers including: 2 Distances & 2 Areas
  • The “Smooth Zoom” technology allows for 2x full image zoom without distortion of real-time or captured scan.
  • The portable probe can plug into any Windows™ based laptop or PC.
  • Unlimited adjustable and transferable video recording.
  • Fully adjustable gain-control before, during or after scan.
  • Unsurpassed compact file storage.
  • Fully upgradable software.
  • Multiple measuring velocities for ACD/VCD.
  • PDF reporting with Microsoft Word.
  • Archive data on a network or external location.

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