Keeler Jazz LED Pocket Diagnostic Set

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Full diagnostic capacity in a compact instrument make our Jazz Instruments ideal for the Practitioner on the move. An ideal choice for domiciliary and ward use or as a backup instrument.


Our stylish Jazz Instruments will fit in any environment. You can change the colour of your set by adding coloured rings that can suit any mood.

Jazz LED Pocket Ophthalmoscope


Stylish Customisable Pocket Ophthalmoscope for Ward and GP use


Four beams for increased control over diagnostic functionality.

Additional blue filter that allows assessment of corneal scratches.


Jazz Pocket Otoscope


Stylish Customisable Pocket Otoscope for Ward and GP use

Brilliant Fibre Optic LED Illumination.

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Jazz Ophthalmoscope

  • Slimline design fits neatly in your pocket.
  • Lens powers range from +20D to -20D.
  • Interchangeable Colour Rings allows Customisation.
  • Four diagnostic beams for full diagnostic capability.
  • Wide Angle – for general examination.
  • Macula – for more detailed views.
  • Semi Circle – combination of depth perception and field of view
  • Fixation Cross – projects a graticule onto the retina for assessment of eccentric fixation
  • Green, Red Free, Filter.
  • Blue Filter – to be used in combination with Fluorescein for assessing corneal scratches.

Jazz Otoscope

  • Slimline pocket size fits neatly in your pocket
  • 3x Magnifying pivot lens
  • Can be used with Permanent or Disposable Speculae
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