Keeler Single-Use Cryo Probe

The Keeler single-use probe ensures comfort, safety and reliability for both you and your patients. Ensuring reliability is important to Keeler and that’s why all Keeler single-use probes are tested rigorously before being sterilised and packed for customers.

As the only single-use probe guaranteed to be compatible with the Keeler Cryomatic range, you can be assured of reliability straight out of the box. The Keeler single-use probe has been designed to ensure fast freezing and fast defrosting utilising a unique auto-defrost feature. The new design incorporates an ergonomic handle to fit comfortably in your hand, whilst the orientation pip enables perfect placement for increased efficiency. When using single-use probes, the Cryomatic MKII will instantly allow the user to couple the probe to the console and its ready to go – no more waiting for a purge cycle!

Keeler single-use probe offers the same quality, performance and precision as our renowned reusable retinal probes, whilst offering the peace of mind that a sterilised probe is on hand for every patient. The single-use probe has been designed to treat pathologies such as retinal tears, holes, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), pneumatic retinopexy and can be used during scleral buckle procedures for retinal detachments.

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Technical characteristics

  • Compatibility: Keeler Cryomatic MKII and Keeler Cryomatic MKI with DPA
  • Contents: Pack of 10 sterile single use cryo probes
  • Gas compatibility: Medical grade CO2 or N2O
  • Purge cycle required: No
  • Sterilisation validity: 3 years from date of manufacture
  • Sterilisation method: Ethylene Oxide
  • Total length: 2.4m
  • Tip size: 3.2mm
  • Ice-ball size: 5mm
  • Tip extension length: 33mm