Keeler Specialist Ophthalmoscope Head Only LED – 1132-P-1202

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The Best Choice for Ophthalmic Specialists.

A Testament to Decades of Success and Innovation.

Glass lenses produced in the UK highlight our renowned Optical Excellence and provide exceptional clarity.

Pupillometer allows more precise estimates of patients pupil size.

Unique head design that ensures Ophthalmologists can navigate every area of the eye with ease. Facilitated by our Morton Lens Track system for lens control.

Single Dioptre steps in lens power provide precision from +14D to -15D. More lenses and greater versatility than ever before.

An auxiliary wheel allows step changes in lens power +/-10, 15 and 30 Dioptre secondary lenses allow for our widest range of lens power capabilities from +44D to -45D.

This one is supplied with LED Illumination.

2.8V models accept AA Batteries. 3.6V models accept rechargeable 3.6V Lithium Battery, charger sold separately.

This product is only the head of the Ophthalmoscope, for your existing Handle, for the complete instrument see our other products.

Blue Caps indicate 2.8V Handle, Red Caps indicate 3.6V Handle.

The LED Head is compatible with either voltage handle.

Optical Excellence, Manufactured in the UK


  • Specialist ophthalmoscope head
  • Instructions CD

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