Volk Centralis Direct® Lens, ANF+ Flange – VCDANF+

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Ideal for Direct Image Viewing and Treatment of the Posterior Pole 

Centralis Direct provides a direct, upright image of the posterior segment of the eye. Say goodbye to filament reflection with its high-profile design, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted view. Additionally, Centralis Direct features an optimized aspheric corneal contact design, offering an improved fit and enhanced maneuverability.

  • 22° / 26° field of view
  • 0.90x image magnification
  • 1.11x laser spot magnification
  • Available in flange and ANF+ contact options
  • Highest laser spot size of laser lenses
  • High profile design eliminates filament reflection
  • Optimized aspheric corneal contact design for improved fit and maneuverability
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