Lens VOLK Digital Clear Field (Blue Ring) – VDGTLCF

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Ideal for High Resolution Retinal Exams

With incredible views, the Digital Series ClearField Lens is the new standard in mid-field BIO lenses for general diagnosis. It gives crystal-clear images with reduced aberrations and reflections, allowing you to perform dynamic examinations with stunning imaging out to the equator and periphery. With its excellent field of view, increased magnification and shorter working distance, you can diagnose retinal detachments and other retinal conditions with confidence and ease.

  • 55° / 72° field of view
  • 2.79x image magnification
  • 0.36x laser spot magnification
  • 37 mm working distance
  • 20% wider field of view than the Classic 20D lens
  • High resolution view from the central to the mid-peripheral retina, even through small pupils
  • Available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, silver