Volk G-1 Gonio Lens (without flange) – VG1NF


Ideal for Viewing Trabecular Meshwork

See the trabecular meshwork in unparalleled detail with the G-1 Gonio Lens. Our all-glass design gives you superior clarity and long-lasting durability, while the powerful mirror allows for highly magnified views. It’s an excellent choice for laser trabeculoplasty with our flanged format or routine gonioscopy with our no flange format.

  • 62° mirror angle
  • 1.50x image magnification
  • 0.67x laser spot size
  • 15 mm (flange) / 8.4 mm (no flange) contact diameter
  • Requires rotation to see all quadrants of the angle
  • Not recommended for SLT as lens does not have total internal reflection – we recommend a Volk Rapid SLT or SLT lens instead