Volk HRX Vit Lens (without self stabilizing contact) – VHRXVIT

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Ideal for Far-Peripheral Indirect Vitreoretinal Procedures

Easily perform Far-Peripheral Indirect Vitreoretinal Procedures with the HRX Vit Lens. Made with high index glass, it delivers the clearest retinal views of any surgical lens. Our advanced aspheric design delivers unmatched high-resolution imaging, while its small profile ring facilitates instrument manipulation and surgical procedures. This lens gives the widest field views for Vitreoretinal Procedures as well. It’s available in standard and self-stabilizing contact options.

  • 130° / 150° field of view
  • 0.43x image magnification
  • Achieve the widest views for vitreoretinal procedures
  • Available in standard and self-stabilizing contact options
  • Available in autoclave sterilizable design
  • Ideal for retinal detachments, PVR, giant retinal tears and works seamlessly in fluid and air-filled eyes
  • High index glass delivers widest field, distortion-free retinal views of any surgical lens
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