Lens Volk Super Quad® 160, No Flange – VSQUAD160NF

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Ideal for Pan Retinal Examination and Laser Treatments

Introducing the Super Quad 160, the ideal choice for wide field, distortion-free visualization of the retina. From the nerve head and macula to the ora serrata, this lens provides exceptional clarity for the detection and treatment of retinal abnormalities, including peripheral retinal tears, detachments, and giant retinal tears. With its 30 mm lens surface, it offers a large and clear image of the retina, ensuring accurate and effortless placement of the laser spot. Carefully designed for optimal stability on the patient’s cornea, the Super Quad 160 prioritizes both precision and patient comfort.

  • 160° / 165° field of view
  • 0.50x image magnification
  • 2.0x laser spot magnification
  • Available in Flange and no Flange contact options
  • Ideal for detecting and treating mid to far-peripheral retinal abnormalities
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