Периметр Sunkingdom SK-850B/C

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Standart optical design

Self-check when power on, adjust the luminance brightness, to make sure the initial projection brightness standard.




Standard Brightness Control

Use two optical gradual coating film, change optical transmittance by changing its position combination, thus obtain 0-51dB standard spot brightness.

Change the spot color using a standard color filter.
Ensure spot color temperature standard, can accurately stimulate specific cone cells.






Precise and rapid medical strategy

Inspection strategy designed to take full consideration of different age groups, responsiveness, visual field defects and the distribution of filed the island.
Test faster, clinical results more accurate.




Reliability of the report

Three-Dimensional Fixation Monitoring

Trial lens frame with infrared projection point

Gaze tracking

Head tracking





A comprehensive inspection process


Through the optical lens to obtain the standard color temperature spot and background light
Accurately simulate the blue cone cells to help doctors accurately check the early glaucoma

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