Exhibition MEDEXPO Kyrgyzstan 2019

Production of medical devices in Kyrgyzstan

At the Exibition “MEDEXPO Kyrgyzstan”, MEDOFF Co Ltd presented the innovative medical devices – “MADE IN KGZ”. In collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz
Republic, a roadmap has been developed for the assembly of medical devices by the OEM cycle.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution”

Albert Einstein


Distribution agreement with LAZMA LLC (Russia)

During the MEDEXPO Kyrgyzstan, MEDOFF Co ltd concluded an exclusive distribution agreement with LAZMA LLC Scientific and Production Enterprise (Russia) for the joint promotion of unique laser devices for strabismus treatment (FORBIS), refractive disorders (SPECL-M) and blood microcirculation analysis (LAZMA PF) on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Organizing the ROOMS for VISION PROTECTION in Kyrgyzstan

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic, we are working out on organizing the ROOMS FOR VISION PROTECTION by analogy of implementation experience in the Russian Federation.