Auto Chart Projector Potec PACP-8000

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PACP-8000 provides optometry with the greater convenience using the refined design, a compact size, and diversified charts

Eyesight measurement using diversified charts
Diversified charts (4 types of A/C/D/R) per country are retained including binocular balance, aniseikonia, stereopsis, binocular vision test chart

Cost saving through adoption of LED light source
Maintenance & repair costs can be saved through adoption of LED light source having a semi-permanent service life

Bright & clear chart display
Brighter & clear chart display is provided by adoption of white LED

Refined design
Optometry room is made to stand out by the refined design embodying an eyeball.

Compact size
A roomy optometry space is provided using a more compact size
– Size: 25% Reduction comparing with PACP-7000
– Weight: 25% lighter than PACP-7000

Convenient focus adjustment
Convenient focus adjustment is enabled by a rotary aperture.