Operating microscope SOM2000Dx, including assistant’s microscope X/Y traverse, electronic & manual magnification control (Carl Zeiss Optic)


SOM2000Dx operation microscope is a double binocular microscope. The main microscope
has zoom magnification and the visual angle of eyepiece can be adjusted from 0°to 60°. The assistant microscope has three-step magnifications and the visual angle of eyepiece is 45°,and it can be locked at 90°to the left or the right of the main scope.
The illumination system adopts a xenon bulb as main light source and a halogen bulb as backup light source and you can choose the one you need. Xenon light source has the advantage of high brightness, high color index and excellent color restitution. According to the characters of ophthalmic operation, the illumination system is equipped with a group of filters in the form of a rotating disk. The system apply -2°+6°coaxial illumination and 26°oblique illumination and it can be switched by a knob.
Its adjusting functions include magnifying, focusing, horizontally removing, pitching and inclining in which magnifying, focusing and horizontally removing can be controlled by footswitch.
This instrument must be used in the environment where surrounding temperature varies from +5ºC to +40ºC, relative humidity varies from 30% to 75% and atmospheric pressure varies from 700hPa to 1060hPa.
This instrument is available and flexible for hardly difficulty operations, such as ophthalmic operation, neurosurgery and etc。No use contraindication.

SOM2000Dx Instruction Manual