Digital Lens Series Set of 3 – Includes Digital ClearField, Digital High Mag, and Digital Wide Field with Multi Lens Case

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Volk Optical’s Digital Series is our newest generation of noncontact slit lamp and BIO lenses. In this set of three digital lenses, you’ll get a Digital ClearField BIO lens and a Digital Wide Field Lens for high resolution retinal and pan-retinal exams, and a Digital High Mag Slit Lamp Lens for superior magnification. Digital Series lenses are designed to minimize distortion, enhance stereopsis and reduce chromatic aberrations. Additionally, A/R coatings reduce glare, resulting in incredible imaging with superior optical clarity. With the new 90D, 20D, and 60D lenses, you’ll be ready for the future.

  • Lenses are available in black, blue, gold, green, purple, red, silver
  • Volk medium Multi Lens Case is included with the bundle, in your choice of blue or black