Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope

The must-have companion for eye care specialists, always at hand, the Keeler professional ophthalmoscope is the perfect device to make your initial assessment quickly and accurately. Ergonomically designed for easy one-handed use, its slim profile and compact head allow easy maneuverability towards the patient. While the diopter and aperture wheels and efficient LED light beam are easily adjusted at the touch of your fingertip.

Best-in-class Keeler optics provide consistent, high-quality images coupled with a comprehensive lens range to deliver exceptional retinal views. All wrapped in a durable aluminium form that will last, making it the perfect ophthalmoscope for everyday clinical use.



The professional ophthalmoscope features:

  • Class-leading optics
  • Extensive, maywheel controlled, lens range
  • Six diagnostic beams including Glaucoma target
  • Vivid LED illumination
  • Red-free filter
  • Ergonomic design & compact head
  • Accessories available
  • Durability built in
  • Great value
  • Competitive warranty and great customer support

Class-leading Optics

Designed to reduce glare from corneal reflex and provide sharp images, Keeler optics are industry renowned for their consistent high-quality images giving you confidence in your assessments.

Durability Built In

With a strong, rigid aluminum chassis in your hands, you can feel confident that your device is built to withstand rigorous clinical use.

Maywheel Lens Control

The built-in maywheel lens control makes it easier to select the lens power during an examination with just one hand, without having to pull away from your patient. Selecting lens powers from +29D to -30D with your fingertips covers a wide range of possible patient prescriptions.

Wide Selection of Diagnostic Beams

The professional ophthalmoscope features six diagnostic beams for full diagnostic capability: wide angle, macula, intermediate, slit, fixation cross, and glaucoma, making it a versatile ophthalmoscope with maximum utility.

Vivid LED Illumination

The LED light beam provides a consistent, fully adjustable light. Featuring a homogenous and sharp patch, the LED is also more efficient overall, resulting in longer battery life.

Red-Free Filter

Used to examine blood vessels with greater contrast, the Keeler professional ophthalmoscope features a ‘swing-over’ red-free filter.

Ergonomic Design & Compact Head

Slimline and lightweight, all controls are designed to be in close vicinity and accessible with one-hand operation. While the compact head gives more maneuverability, allowing you to get closer to your patient during examination.

Accessories With You in Mind

Whether it’s charging on-the-go with or color personalization, our accessories are designed to improve your workflow whilst remaining cost-effective.

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