Laser device for diagnosing and restoring binocular vision “FORBIS”

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Аппарат «ФОРБИС» входит в перечень медицинского оборудования, рекомендованного Минздравом РФ


Diagnostics: determination of the type of strabismus, reserves of accommodation: The type of strabismus is determined upon presentation of test objects, according to the position of the eyes, which is displayed on the monitor

Treatment: the traditional method of diploptics is used, as well as a new method of laser diploptics to separate the fields of vision in the spectral ranges of sensitivity of the photoreceptors of the retina – in the green, red and blue spectra.

Test objects are illuminated with laser and LED radiation to stimulate photoreceptors in the blue, green and red sensitivity spectrum of the retinal photoreceptors. The division of visual fields for the right and left eyes is carried out using the Polaroid method.   It is laser illumination, in contrast to illumination with conventional light, that improves the therapeutic effect, since laser speckle structures increase the visual acuity of the slave eye, which makes it easier to overcome double vision.   For children with strabismus, the slave eye typically has significantly less visual acuity than the dominant eye.

Test objects with red and green laser speckles and blue LED light


Modification of the FORBIS device (version 1)

Diagnostics: determination of the type of strabismus, accommodation reserves

Treatment: the traditional diploptics method is used, as well as the laser-diploptics method to separate visual fields in the spectral range of sensitivity of the retinal photoreceptors – in the red spectrum

Technology Users

Vision care departments of children’s clinics and specialized kindergartens for children with vision diseases.

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