Volk G-2 Gonio Lens (Trabeculum Flange) – VG2

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Ideal for Viewing Anterior Chamber

An all-glass design and dual mirror angles make the G-2 Gonio Lens ideal for seeing the anterior chamber in both detailed and broad views. With its superior clarity and durability, the G-2 Gonio Lens provides reliable results. This lens is available in two formats – flanged for laser trabeculoplasty and no flange for routine gonioscopy.

  • 60° / 64°mirror angles
  • 1.50x image magnification
  • 0.67x laser spot size
  • 15 mm (flange) / 8.4 mm (no flange) contact diameter
  • High magnification combined with dual mirror angles (60°/64°) provides both a detailed and a broad view of the anterior chamber
  • All-glass design provides superior clarity and durability

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