Volk G-3 Gonio Lens, No Flange – VG3NF


Ideal for Anterior, Peripheral and Equatorial Viewing

The G-3 Gonio Lens’ three mirror, all glass design gives you the clearest, most detailed view of the iridocorneal angle, retina from equator to ora serrata and mid-peripheral/peripheral retina. With unbeatable Volk optics quality and two formats – flanged for laser trabeculoplasty and no flanged for routine gonioscopy – this Goldman-style lens is the perfect tool for Glaucoma specialists.

  • 60° / 66° / 76° mirror angles
  • 1.06x (flange) / 1.03x (no flange) / 1.0 (mini, no flange) image magnification
  • 0.94x (flange) / 0.97x (no flange) / 1.0x (mini, no flange) laser spot size
  • 15 mm (flange) / 11.4 mm (no flange) / 9.6 mm (mini, no flange) contact diameter
  • 60˚ mirror provides a view of the iridocorneal angle, 66˚  mirror provides a retinal image from the equator to the ora serrata, 76˚  mirror provides a view of the mid-peripheral/peripheral retina
  • Central lens provides clear view of the posterior pole