Slit lamp Huvitz HS-5500



  • Cleaning
  • Base Repair
  • Bulb Socket Replacement
  • Dimmer Adjustments
  • Power Supply Failures
  • R/L Image Sensor Failures
  • Alignment Repair
  • Full Selection of Components on hand

Huvitz HS Series Features:

  • 12.5x eye pieces
    6x:38.5mm, 10x:22.2mm, 16x:15.2mm, 25x:10.5mm, 40x:6.1mm
  • Integrated omni style joystick and trigger button
  • Images and videos can be stored simultaneously if the slit lamp is connected to image devices
  • The five-position drum-style magnification changer provides a wide range of magnification from 6x to 40x
  • A yellow filter is conveniently located near the ocular for effortless insertion of the fluorescein pattern
  • Optional filters include cobalt blue, red free, heat absorption, grey, and yellow