SonicVet Ultrasound Veterinary B-Scan SV-200




    1. Portable, light, easy to carry on wrist
    2. High resolution image, easy to detect at early stage.
    3. Visual position adjustable, fits all gestures
    4. Measurement functions helps with backfat measurement
    5. Standard Lithium battery, long lasting
    6. Large capacity SD card for memory
    7. Waterproof, easy to clean


  1. Screen: 3.5 inches
  2. Scan: Sector Scan
  3. Probe: 3.5/5MHz 7MHz optional
  4. Scan Depth:70-190mm
  5. Image Store: 512 frame(SD Card)
  6. Display mode: B
  7. Gray Scale:256
  8. Pseudo color: 8 type
  9. Battery last: 10 hours
  10. Size: 100mmX80mmX25mm
  11. Weight:0.4kg

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