Femto Laser-Instruments for LASIK and Cataract Surgery


A special double spatula was developed in cooperation with Prof. Burkhard Dick, (University Eye Clinic Bochum) specifically for Femto Laser cataract surgery. This finely sharpened spatula is used for opening and special preparation of laser paracentesis and for moving the lens fragments.

Also new is the Femto laser eye lid retractor developed in accordance with Prof. Dick, which is designed for universal use — for LASIK and cataracts. For Femto laser LASIK surgery there is also a new double instrument designed according to Breyer, with a semi-sharp round spoon for slicing the stromal lenticule for minimally invasive LASIK surgery. Also a new pipe-guided lenticule forceps has been developed for the minimally invasive removal of the lenticule.

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