Keeler Mini Loupes 2.5x Magnification

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If you think all Loupes are the same, it’s time to open your eyes to the Keeler Mini Loupe!

Keeler’s exceptional skills in both optics and engineering combine in the Keeler surgical eyewear collection, which includes our world-class loupes.

The secret of great optics is simple: top quality, anti-reflective, coated Schott glass combined with a rigid and consistent approach to the lens grinding and polishing process. Keeler loupes excel in optical clarity and comfort, ensuring you get the surgical precision you and your patients deserve.

Keeler Mini Loupes are designed to be ultra light and comfortable with minimal compromise in field of view.


    • Keeler lightweight loupes
    • Pair of protective caps
    • Flip lever
    • Instructions CD
    • (Optional) Keeler sport frame:
  • Lightweight protective shield
  • 3 way adjustable hinge
  • 2 x adjustable nose pieces
  • Plano prescription insert
  • Neck cord
  • Lens cloth
  • Protective case


  • 26% lighter than our standard Galilean system (Loupes on bar, only 34g)
  • Superb clinical image
  • Great optics ensure minimal edge distortion
  • Keeler ‘flip up’ hinge system gives total flexibility on viewing and posture angles
  • Solid metal, precision-machined mounting bar for total optical stability and perfect binocularity

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