Профлуропропан газ C3F8 ( 45 мл/бут.)

Ophthalmic perfluoropropane gas is an ideal substance used as intravitreal tamponade in retinal detachment surgery and vitrectomy. It is nontoxic and non-inflammatory, expanding by absorbing O2 and N2 in blood or air. It can be absorbed by dissolving into blood and intraocular aqueous humor. Specification



Use syringe to draw gas through 0.22µm filter. Press pouch when drawing the gas, and avoid drawing air through the tip of syringe. (When draw gas from bottle, attach filter to syringe, push plunger with one hand and attach gas bottle to another side of the filter. Hold gas bottle with one hand and release plunger with another hand until desired dose is given.) Take gas pouch or bottle off but keep filter on syringe. Pull the plunger to draw additional air into syringe.

Volume may be varied by demand. Please consider the factors: size and position of hole; pressure used to flat retina; volume of eye ball; intraocular pressure.

Avoid over-injection. The volume of gas injected into eye should be equal to the volume of fluid extracted.

Supplied in disposable sterile pouches or bottles. For single use only.

Store at room temperature.

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