Suture Canaloplasty For ab-externo suture-probe canaloplasty


Ideal risk benefit ratio

In comparison to other techniques for IOP reduction, canaloplasty has an ideal risk-benefit ratio. It is an established surgical procedure to improvethe natural outflow in open-angle glaucoma and thereby reducing the intraocular pressure. It has permanently effective outcomes whileshowing a low risk for complications intra- and postoperatively.

Effective and economical solution

In search of a better balance between effectiveness, complications and costs, Leonid Kodomskoi (Offenburg, Germany) has developed an innovative yet economic alternative: The Onatec OEX-1twisted 6-0 suture probe with atraumatic edges and a monofilament 10-0 suture implant. The 10-0 suture implant remains inside the Schlemm´s canal to improve long-term stability of the IOP reduction.In comparison to other micro-catheter devices, the major advantage of the OEX-1glaucoma solution is the lower cost per case.

Advantages of OEX-1 at a glance

  • Usable for canaloplasty, trabeculotomy (GATT), viscodilation
  • Safe and permanent widening of Schlemm‘s canal
  • 44 % or 10.2 mmHg IOP reduction from baseline after 12 months
  • 16 % lower IOP compared to competitor products after 12 months
  • 58 % of the patients obtained an IOP <1 5 mmHg after 12 months
  • 78 % of the patients obtained an IOP < 18 mmHg after 12 months
  • Tissue-protecting due to atraumatic probe tip design
  • Spiral structure of suture probe enables intraoperative assessment of function and condition of the venous collectors
  • Easy and reliable fixation of the implant
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