Цифровая щелевая лампа Sunkingdom LS-7 DE

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100% Splitting Design 

When Observing the light go into the eyepiece 100%
Observation effect of LS-7 Digital Expert is improved 0.7 time than the traditional 4/6 splitting.

When Capturing image the light go into camera 100%
Capturing effect of LS-7 Digital expert is improved 2.5 times than the traditional one.





Synchronous Flash Illumination

Completed Synchronous Flash Illumination system confirm the imaging on the same focal plane with main and flash light source.

Synchronous capturing and flash enhances the comform and cooperativeness of patients. And tiny lesions will be captured perfectly






Flash Independent Background Light + Coaxial Background Light 

Soft coaxial background light satisfy panoramic observation, flash background light emphasize the details of lesions

Observe with independent background light and take a shot with flash background light






Ultimate Optical Effect

The choice of the world’s top experts
Optical effect is 1.4 times the traditional slit lamp
Easily observe subtle lesions

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