DMEK Rapid Revolutionary Advanced Preloadable Injection Device No-touch workflow from preparation to implantation


The goal of the successful cooperation between Prof. Peter Szurman (Eye Clinic Sulzbach), the DGFG (German Society for Tissue Transplantation) and Geuder AG was to make DMEK surgeries more predictable, easier, safer and faster. The first step was to move validation and preparation to the eye banks, where they can be performed most routinely and efficiently. With the introduction of DMEK Rapid, the first CE-certified DMEK preloading system, ophthalmic surgeons can now obtain preloaded Descemet grafts directly from a eye bank, like they are used to from preloaded IOL injectors for cataract surgery.

Benefits of
DMEK Rapid

  • Respond to increasing demand for precut tissues
  • Improved workflow
  • New level of standardization
  • No-touch from preparation to implantation
  • Support surgeons with high-quality ready-to-use graft
  • No need for preparation of Descemet lamella in OR
  • Reliable planning of surgeries and easy patient management
  • Maximized endothelial cell count due to no-touch handling process
  • Less time required for overall procedure
  • Easy implementation of standardized workflow
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