Операционный стол Keling KL-2F


KL-2F (ultra wide) synthetic obstetric table for each medical unit, Department of gynaecology and obstetrics childbirth, abortion and gynecological examination andoperation etc..

The imported brand LINAK motor, through the remote control of various actions

The bed surface by forming a high density memory foam, seamless

It is equipped with concealed steel basin dirt and other accessories

The super quiet large casters and is equipped with brake, convenient mobile or fixed bed position

The appearance design of super wide and fashionable, beautiful generous

The base adopts a molding of ABS high strength, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning

Accessories: leg support frame 1 pay, the handle rod 1 to pay, pay, 1 pedal foot hand controller 1, power line of 1 root, stainless steel sewage basin 1