Операционный стол Keling KL-D-IA-I

KL-D·IA-I electric operating tables are suitable for various operations conducted by medical unit.



  • The super low level design can enable doctor to conduct operation sitting by operating table.
  • The base seat and upright column covering are made of high quality 304 stainless steel which can be easily cleaned and sterilized.
  • The bed surface adopts imported carbon plastic plate, which can fulfill the needs of X-ray examination, photography.
  • The mattress is wrapped with imported artificial leather. High-density memory sponge is formed in one piece, with no seam.
  • Various actions are controlled according to electric hydraulic working principle and by remote controller.
  • Imported motor and solenoid valve
  • Imported sealing ring and is durable.
  • Electrical braking device which is easily for moving operating table.
  • Standard Accessories:
    A pair of shoulder support frame, a pair of waist support frame, a pair of arm resting frame, a pair of leg support frame, a screen frame, a pair of pedal foot board, a waistband.

    KL-D.IA,the leg board are separated and dischargeable.

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