Surgical System Volk Merlin

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Volk’s Merlin® is the best in the class non-contact wide-angle visualization system for Vitreoretinal procedures.
The Merlin viewing system works in harmony with all major surgical microscopes, to comfortably assist in performing highly complex surgical procedures with an exquisite and sharp view of the retina.

Powered by Volk’s proprietary optical and anti-reflective coating technology, Merlin provides the peace of mind that you are getting the sharpest and optimum vitreoretinal view, without contacting the eye. Comfortably go for highly complex micron-level movements and get the best outcome for your patients even under the most challenging conditions.

Merlin provides plenty of space to operate, so you can eliminate the need for additional staff for stabilizing your lens or changing your view, reducing your surgery time. Seamlessly switch between anterior and retinal ocular views by swinging out the LPU. You will never need to refocus while switching, making it perfect for combination procedures.

Merlin works flawlessly every time you are in the OR, so you can keep your focus where it is needed the most – on your patient. Through Volk Optical’s precision design and crisp optics, Merlin provides stable, repeatable alignment, time after time. With its compact design and precision-engineered lens assembly, you can go from surgical adjustment and preparation to retinal access without missing a beat.

Merlin’s exclusive Condenser Lens Assembly increases patient safety by efficient optical design

  • Automatically slides a condenser lens into the optical train when the Merlin is engaged
  • Eliminates the need to refocus the microscope when switching from anterior to posterior viewing, reducing surgery time
  • Significantly improves light transmission via anti-reflective coatings, reducing the risk of phototoxicity\

Experience the unbeatable Volk image clarity in a non-contact surgical lens format! Each lens is carefully crafted to deliver sharp, bright retinal views to enhance surgical confidence in the most delicate of maneuvers. Proprietary aspheric design coupled with high grade glass eliminates glares and reflections while the safety hinge on the lens ensures that the surgical site is not inadvertently compromised when focusing. Each lens is designed to remain chip-resistant and withstand repeated sterilization cycles for a dependable, long life.

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