Volk New Single Lens Case

Скачать прайс VOLK

Ideal for Storing Individual Volk Lenses Case

Our next-generation case offers extra durability and its sleek modern design emphasizes both form and functionality. Engineered for heavy use and a long lifespan, you can trust that it won’t break for at least 50,000 openings. Its durable thermoplastic rubber insert cushions your lens and the magnetic closure keeps it securely shut. There’s no need to worry about scratches, smudges or dirt — our molded plastic exterior and interior insert are easy to wipe clean.

  • Available with cover designs for SUPER SERIES lenses, DIGITAL lenses, LASER lenses, SURGICAL lenses and GONIO lenses
  • Cover plate can be custom engraved with a doctor or practice name
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A Case in Shining Armor
The new multi lens case has been engineered to last and tested to the extreme. Your case will be your trusted partner in your pocket for years. It is designed to protect your Volk lens collection with its superstrong exterior, secure magnetic closure feature, inserts that grip your lenses, and protective lining.

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