Laserprobes For Endocoagulation and Endo-Illumination


Our laser probes are safely and effectively transmitting laser waves of 500 to 1,100 nm from yourlaser source to the surgical site for precise photocoagulation procedures. We offer a wide rangeof different probe types and various connectors, which are directly wired in order to avoid the efficiencyloss of adapters.

All probes are characterized by an ergonomic non-slip handpiece design, perfect energy transmission and a small laser spot size of only 1mm at a 4mm distance.

Find the perfect angle in every situation

The bending laser probes* have a sliding knob on the handle to change the angle of the fibre tip withouthaving to change probe types. It allows for easy access and laser treatment of the peripheral retina.

Laser and light in one design

The bending laser probes are also available with illumination* for a wider visualizationof the target tissue, freeing one hand and port for additional surgical maneuvers.

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